You know I’m really awful at this shit. Like really fucking bad. I’m a hipster basically. Only I’m not actually cool. I just listen to music all the time. And tell people about music. I guess the better term would be a music “nerd” but whatever. Here you’ll find reviews and assorted blog posts about music from a pretty broad spectrum of genres. I know it’s more productive to pick a certain genre to base a blog on. Fuck that. I don’t listen to one genre. I’m not gonna post about one genre. You can follow me on Last.FM BTW

Reviews will be posted every other day. (Day jobs suck, don’t ever get one.)

Review Scale

1-3: Don’t even fucking bother.

4-5: It’s fucking alright

6-7: It’s pretty fucking good

8-9: It’s pretty fucking great

10: If you don’t listen to this album you’re the worst fucking person in the world.