Nicole Sabouné – Miman Review

Can you smell that? No. Not whatever is spoiled in your kitchen, the other thing. It’s the first “New Music” of the year that isn’t a mixtape, or whatever that new Eno thing that I didn’t listen to was. I don’t know what it is. Also, clean your kitchen that’s gross. Oh yeah, we’re talking about Nicole Sabouné’s Miman. Probably should have started with that. Oh well.

There has been a plague in the last few years with bands and musicians who desperately try to revive music from like the 90s or the 80s. I don’t know why, maybe they yearn for a time when Cocaine was just like, really cool or something. (Drugs are never cool kids, don’t do them) And I mean, technically at least, Miman does the same thing. Nicole Sabouné–at least on this album–is creating really gothy post-punk that wouldn’t sound out of place in 1982. But here’s the kicker. She does it really well.

Usually during the first week of the year I just assume that any albums that come out are gonna be forgetful garbage. Because why would anyone want to release an album that people are just going to forget when it comes time to make AoTY lists? I mean David Bowie pulled it off last year, but that’s just because he died. But I think Miman might pull it off too because there are just so many memorable moments here.

  • On “Under Stars (For the Lovers)” after like 3 hours of slow, tense atmosphere building a stunning guitar riff takes off and completely changes the feel of the song.
  • The fucking intro to “Lifetime”. Fuck you if you don’t like this. You are probably Hitler.
  • “Rip This World” the entire thing. It sounds like something I would play for someone to show them that I’m tough as nails and not just a wimpy introvert. It probably wouldn’t work very well.
  • The intro to “Frozen” sounds like something Symphony X would do. But it actually sounds good here, because Nicole Saboné can actually write a good song.

Don’t ask why I did it that way. I’m still trying to figure out the format a little bit. It’s probably a terrible idea. But I mean that should give an idea of the kind of moments you’re going to get here. Miman is full of moments like these. The music here is super atmospheric, beautiful, but also haunting. You know, like that creepy-as-fuck album cover.

It’s not all atmosphere though. I mean I can get great atmospheric music by just closing my eyes on Bandcamp and just clicking somewhere. You know what sets Miman apart? Nicole Sabouné sets Miman apart. Her voice on this thing is fantastic wherever you turn. Whether she’s doing some subdued melody that makes you lean into your speakers or if she’s fucking belting her heart out (I don’t even know if that phrase makes any sense, but fuck it) like on “Rip This World” or “Frozen”–her voice and choice of melodies is a treasure throughout.

Look, bottom line, if you want to be happy you might hate this thing. But who wants to be happy? It’s 2017. Donald Trump is going to be president in like 13 days. Donald Trump is going to be president in 13 days. Just embrace melancholy. I have a feeling it’s going to be a running theme this year.

That means listen to this album. Be sad. Be happy being sad.


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